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InterWiki linksEdit

Examples, to be tested and investigated

Unexpected behavior with internal linksEdit

I needed link (in discussion) to sl:WP:Anton Sovre(Slovenian eminent liguist). Sequence:

  • Anton Sovre (Page does not exist) adresses en wiktionary, as expected
  • Wikipedia:Anton Sovre (no message, different namespace, expected)
    • On preview and klik on link
Wikipedia does not have an article with this exact name. Please search for Anton Sovre in Wikipedia to check for alternative titles or spellings.
    • Anton Sovre might be notable and translation from sl WP could be welcome, but not just now (I need to learn some things before, including this and expanding stub article on sl:WP, and learning use of Wikidata)
  • [[sl:Wikipedia:Anton Sovre]] (no message, different namespace, expected)
    • On preview show "In other languages" Slovenščina left of preview area;
    • klik on link Slovenščina opens in editor or page creation (partly unexpected)
    • after disabling with nowiki link Slovenščina under Language disappears (expected)
  • sl:Wikipedia:Anton Sovre (no message, different namespace, expected)

Up to now dokumented; might return to interrupted task at etymolgy around ψύχω Psiho and ψυχή Psihe at ψυχή#Etymology talk page.