Hello! I'm from Romania, I'm 12! I'm Mihai Popa, aka MihaiDictonaryWiki! I create all sorts of pages, from missing automatic categories to some words!

Here is my talk page: User talk for MihaiDictionaryWiki

Sandboxes edit

Standard sandbox: User sandbox for MihaiDictionaryWiki

Talk sandbox: User talk sandbox for MihaiDictionaryWiki

Category sandbox: Deprecated and ophran.

Others edit

And my signature: Mihai Popa 😃📃 Talk to me! 💬My contributions! 🕔🕖

Also, when I made 1 edit, it displays in my notifications like so:

"You just made your first edit; thank you, and welcome!"

For 10 edits:

"You just made your tenth edit; thank you, and please keep going!"

For 100 edits:

"You just made your hundredth edit; thank you very much!"

And so on! Next: 1000 edits!

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