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Hello. My name is Mitchell Powell, and I have discovered Wiktionary only quite recently. Being deeply interested in languages, I have focused on foreign-language entries in the English Wiktionary. I have no desire whatsoever to rebel against any of the many formatting rules on Wiktionary; if you find that I have inadvertently broken any, or if any of my entries are in any other way sub-par, I would be grateful if you would point it out to me. With time I hope to have a very exact knowledge of exactly how entries are to be formatted.

One day, I would love to see a Wiktionary where a user may input any term in any language and get its definition in any other language. That will be a good day for students and translators everywhere.

So far, I have completed three years of formal study in Latin, two in French, and two in Spanish. Spanish is my strongest non-English language because I spoke it as a small child along with English. In addition, I have done some study of Hebrew and (ancient) Greek on my own, along with a few words or phrases in a number of other languages. This winter I will begin taking Portuguese classes.