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underwater volcanoes underwater warfare underwater wave underwater welding underway replenishment underway replenishment oiler underway replenishment oilers underwear manufacturers underwear model underwear models underwing coverts underwing racks underwing stores underworld deity underworld don underworld figures underworld god underworld groups underworld of philosophy underwriting profit underwriting spot underwriting spots underwriting spread underwriting syndicate undescended testes undescended testicles undescended testis undescribed species undesirable side effects undesired effects undesired signal undetermined coefficients undetermined multipliers undifferenced arms undifferentiated cells undifferentiated passage grave undifferentiated sarcoma undifferentiated to well-differentiated undirected connected graph undirected graph undirected graphical model undirected graphs undirected path undisclosed location undisclosed principal undisputed champion undisputed champions undisputed heavyweight champion undistinguished ethnic groups undistinguished nationalities undistinguished nationality undistributed middle undivided co-ownership undivided county constituency undivided families undivided province undo effect of positive emotions undocumented feature undocumented features undocumented immigrants undocumented instructions undocumented opcodes undocumented or illegal undocumented populations undocumented workers undrafted free agent undrafted free agents undrafted free-agents undrafted rookie free agent undrafted rookie free agents undress code undressing in public unducted fan undue burden undue hardship undue influence undulated moray undulated pit viper undulating number undulation of the geoid undulatory theory unduly harsh unearned income unearned run unearned runs unearned wealth unearthly child unearthly colour uneasy peace uneasy siege uneasy war uneconomic growth uneconomic trading unelected regional assemblies unembedded journalists unemployed graduates unemployed people unemployment benefit unemployment benefits unemployment compensation unemployment fund unemployment funds unemployment insurance unemployment insurance program unemployment insurance system unemployment office unemployment payments unemployment rate unemployment rates unemployment statistics unemployment system unemployment taxes unemployment types unencrypted information unenriched uranium unenumerated rights unequal distribution of wealth unequal distributions of wealth unequal exchange unequal extradition treaty unequal forces unequal hours unequal temperament unequal terms unequal treaties unequal treaty unequal treaty doctrine unequal-power relationship unequal-power relationships unergative verb unergative verbs unethical actions unethical business practice unethical human medical experimentation uneven bar uneven bars uneven development uneven firing pattern uneven ignition timing uneven knitting unexcused absences or tardies unexpected and unexplained death unexpected examination paradox unexpected hanging paradox unexpected hit unexpected occurrences unexpected resistance unexpected twist unexplained disappearances unexplained knowledge unexplained mysteries unexplained variance unexploded bomb unexploded bombs unexploded cluster bombs unexploded ordnance unexploded ordnances unexploded shells unfair advantage unfair and deceptive business practice unfair and unequal treaties unfair ballot access unfair business practices unfair coin unfair competition unfair dismissal unfair game unfair labor practice unfair labor practices unfair labour practices unfair list unfair officiating unfair preference unfair preferences unfair tax competition unfair trade practice unfair treaties unfair use unfavorable political and social views unfermented grape must unfermented wine unfertilised eggs unfettered market unfettered markets unfigured bass unfinished album unfinished album project unfinished book unfinished building unfinished buildings unfinished film unfinished material unfinished music unfinished novel unfinished obelisk unfinished poem unfinished ring road unfinished sculptures unfinished sequel unfinished state unfinished symphonies unfinished tale unfinished tales unfinished work unfinished works unfit to plead unflattering remarks unflued gas heater unflued gas heaters unfoldable cardinal unfolded domains unfolded state unfolded states unfolding lobbying scandal unforced errors unforced response unforeseen consequences of technology unforeseen events unforgivable sin unfortunate smells unfree labor unfree labour unfree labourers unfried spring rolls unfrozen cave man lawyer unfulfilled prophecies religious prophecies unfulfilled religious prophecies unfulfilled emotions unfunded federal mandates unfunded loan commitments unfunded mandates unfurled flags ungentlemanly conduct ungraded stakes ungraded stakes race ungraded stakes races ungrounded system ungual phalanges ungual phalanx unguided bombs unguided rockets unhallowed ground unhappy consciousness unhappy family unhealthy artworks unhealthy diet unhealthy food unhealthy food choices unholy alliance unholy trinity unhyphenated double-barrelled surname unia troista uniaxial tensile test unicameral legislature unicameral legislatures unicameral parliament unicameral system unicast reverse path forwarding unicellular organism unicellular organisms unicellular plants unicity distance unicode font unicorn grenadier unicorn plant unicorn table unicorporated community unicursal hexagram unicursal quartic curve unicursal star unicycle cart unicycle hockey unicycle trials unicycle-type vehicle unicycling lion unidade real de valor unidecimal kleisma unidentified flying object unidentified flying object unidentified flying objects unidentified gamma-ray source unidentified man unidentified product unidentified submerged object unidirectional links unidirectional microphone unidirectional pulmonary system unidirectionality hypothesis uniface tools unification flag unification grammars unification match unification of nation and church unification of science unification of the peninsula unification of the two countries' parliaments unification theory unified atomic mass unit unified atomic mass units unified budgeting unified catalog unified champion unified combat commanders unified combatant command unified combatant commands unified command unified command system unified commander unified commanders unified commands unified communications unified designation system unified diffs unified field unified field theories unified field theory unified framework unified government unified high school unified its aircraft designation systems unified licensing unified messaging unified missile sequence unified national team unified neutral theory of biodiversity unified neutral theory of biodiversity and biogeography unified numbering system unified perceptual experience unified school district unified school districts unified science unified shader unified shaders unified state unified team unified theories of cognition unified theory unified theory of cognition unified threat management unified voicemail unified weak and electromagnetic interaction uniflow steam engine uniform algebra uniform algebras uniform antiprism uniform antiprismatic hyperprisms uniform antiprismatic prisms uniform boundedness principle uniform breast pin uniform business rate uniform circuit complexity uniform circuit family uniform circular motion uniform civil code uniform code uniform coloring uniform colorings uniform compounds uniform compounds of uniform polyhedra uniform continuity uniform continuous functions uniform convergence uniform convergence on compact sets uniform convex polychoron uniform convexity uniform crime report uniform crossover uniform date uniform distribution uniform distribution uniform distribution mod 1 uniform distribution on a discrete space uniform distributions uniform duoprisms uniform electromagnetic plane wave uniform ensemble uniform estimate uniform fetish uniform fetishism uniform flow uniform great rhombicosidodecahedron uniform great rhombicuboctahedra uniform great rhombicuboctahedron uniform grid uniform hashing uniform honeycombs uniform hypergraphs uniform hyperprisms uniform information representation uniform integrability uniform isomorphism uniform isomorphisms uniform legal code uniform limit uniform limits uniform linear array uniform matrix uniform measure uniform mesh uniform motion uniform n-polytopes uniform norm uniform number uniform numbers uniform operator topology uniform penny post uniform penny postage uniform plane tilings uniform policing uniform polyBP uniform polychora uniform polychoron uniform polychorons uniform polyhedra uniform polyhedral uniform polyhedron uniform polyhedron compound uniform polyhedron compounds uniform polyhedrons uniform polytera uniform polytope uniform polytopes uniform postage rate uniform postal rate uniform price auction uniform prisms uniform probability uniform probability distribution uniform properties uniform quantization uniform reflection principle uniform resource identifier uniform resource identifiers uniform resource locators uniform rule of naturalization uniform scaling uniform scalings uniform space uniform space-filling tessellations uniform spaces uniform spanning tree uniform star polyhedra uniform star polyhedrons uniform star prisms and uniform star antiprisms uniform state law uniform structure uniform structures uniform styles and colours uniform swing uniform tessellation uniform tessellations uniform tessellations with convex faces uniform theory of diffraction uniform tilings uniform tilings with nonconvex faces uniform topology uniform traffic rules uniform transmission line uniform weights and measures uniform-cost search uniform-price auction uniformed bodies uniformed service uniformed services uniformity condition uniformity in prices uniformity of acceleration and gravity uniformity of motive uniformity of nature uniformization theorem uniformizing map uniformly almost periodic functions uniformly approximated uniformly at random uniformly bounded uniformly connected uniformly connected space uniformly continuous uniformly continuous function uniformly continuous functions uniformly converge uniformly convergent uniformly convex uniformly convex space uniformly disconnected uniformly distributed uniformly equicontinuous uniformly expanding uniformly homeomorphic uniformly integrable uniformly isomorphic uniformly most powerful test uniformly on compact sets uniformly random unify gravity and other forces unify human languages unify the country unifying conjectures unifying institution unifying theories in mathematics unifying theories of programming unijunction transistor unilamellar liposomes unilateral contract unilateral contracts unilateral declaration unilateral declaration of independence unilateral declarations of independence unilateral disarmament unilateral disengagement unilateral disengagement plan unilateral independence unilateral laterothoracic exanthem unilateral mistake unilateral neglect unilateral nuclear disarmament unilateral palmoplantar verrucous nevus unilateral secession by a province to be unconstitutional unilateral shift unilateral thalamic neglect unilateral withdrawal unilaterally declared unilaterally declared independence unilaterally declares unilaterally disengaged unilaterally modified the constitution unilaterally proclaimed unilaterally secede unilaterally withdraw unilaterally withdrew its military and civilians unilateraly decided unilineal descent unilineal evolution unilineal evolutionism unilineal theories of social progress unilinear evolution unilinear theories uniliteral glyphs uniliteral sign unimaginative argument unimaginative skilled technician unimodal distribution unimodal distributions unimodal function unimodal probability distributions unimodular form unimodular group unimodular groups unimodular lattice unimodular lattices unimodular matrices unimodular matrix unimodular symmetric bilinear form unimolecular elimination reactions unimolecular nucleophilic substitution unimolecular reaction unimolecular rectifier unimolecular substitution reactions unimpaired runoff unimpressive box office revenue and critical reception unimproved land value unimproved roads unincoporated community unincoporated town unincorpoarated community unincorpoated community unincorporate community unincorporated area unincorporated areas unincorporated association unincorporated associations unincorporated city unincorporated communities unincorporated community unincorporated crossroads unincorporated district unincorporated districts unincorporated entity unincorporated farming community unincorporated farming village unincorporated hamlet unincorporated hamlets unincorporated inhabited place unincorporated land unincorporated locale unincorporated place unincorporated places unincorporated populated place unincorporated residential and business community unincorporated residential community unincorporated riverside town unincorporated rural area unincorporated rural community unincorporated rural hamlet unincorporated rural village unincorporated settlement unincorporated settlements unincorporated suburb unincorporated territories unincorporated territory unincorporated town unincorporated towns unincorporated towns and communities unincorporated township unincorporated village unincorporated villages unindicted co-conspirator unine analysis uninflected word uninflected words uninformed foreigner uninformed search uninhabited island uninhabited islands uninhabited part uninitialized pointer uninitialized variable uninsured drivers uninsured individuals unintended consequence unintended consequences unintended effects unintended pregnancy unintentional homicide unintentional humor unintentional humour unintentional or not unintentional radiator unintentional radiators unintentionally copied unintentionally funny unintentionally guilty unintentionally humorous uninterruptable power supplies uninterruptable power supply uninterruptable sequences uninterruptible power supplies uninterruptible power supplies uninterruptible power supply uninterruptible power supply uninterruptible power supplys uninterruptible sleep uninterruptible supply uninterruptibly sleeping unio estable de parella unio personalis set theory union activist union activities union activity union actor union army union badge union bound union branches union budget union buster union busters union busting union by the trivial homeomorphism along the resultant boundaries union cabinet union card union catalog union catalogue union catalogues union civile union classes union contract union contribution union conventions union council union councils union counterpart union crisis union decertification elections union democracy union directories union dues union element union federation union federations union find union flag union game union government union group union groups union halls union hospitals union jack union jacks union label department union leader union leaders union mark union membership density union miners' uprisings union minister union mount union movement union of automata union of employers union of the crowns union of the parliaments union of the principalities union of the three orders union of the two legislatures union officer union officials’ union organiser union organization union organizer union organizers union organizing union parish union pension funds union political union racketeering union radicalism union railroad station union railroad stations union rationalisation union recognition union republic union republics union rights union rose union sacrée union scab union scale union school district union school districts union security union set union shop union shop contract union shop contracts union shop stewards union shops union society union soldiers union station union stations union steward union strike union suit union suits union terminal union territories union territory union theory union type union was dissolved union workers union-avoidance tactics union-find algorithm unionid mussels unionist cause unionist movement unionist paramilitaries unionist party unionists coalition unionized labor unionized steelworkers unionized workers unions of prayer uniparental disomy unipolar cell unipolar depression unipolar disorder unipolar encoding unipolar international system unipolar motility unipotent algebraic group unipotent cell unipotent conjugacy classes unipotent groups unipotent radical uniprocessor systems unique abilities unique and rapidly changing history unique bid unique bid auctions unique bus system unique characteristics unique constitutional amendment unique constitutional provision unique controller unique creative thumbprint unique decay path unique event polymorphisms unique factorisation unique factorisation domain unique factorisation domains unique factorization unique factorization domain unique factorization domains unique factorization into primes unique factorization theorem unique fauna and flora unique games conjecture unique hits unique identifier unique identifiers unique index unique instrument unique key unique legitimacy unique local addresses unique manner of speech unique name assumption unique names unique number unique physics unique prime unique prime factorisation unique primes unique pronunciations unique provider identification number unique railway station unique risks unique selling point unique selling points unique selling proposition unique sexuality shifts unique solution unique song on demand unique sound unique syllabary unique to each of the ecosystems unique tv unique users unique visitors unique visits unique weapon uniquely decodable uniquely decodable code uniquely ergodic uniquely identifies uniquely identify uniquely inversible uniquely reconstructed from the other uniqueness quantification uniqueness theorem uniqueness types unirational surfaces unirational variety unisex bathroom unisex name unisex names unison device unison pitch unistable polyhedron ring theory unit ball unit balls unit band unit blocks unit body unit body construction unit cell unit cell length unit cell parameters unit cells unit circle unit circles unit citation unit citations unit class unit colors unit commander unit commitment unit construction unit conversion unit conversion factor unit cost unit costs unit cube unit cubes unit decorations unit deployment unit dining facilities unit direct injection unit disc unit disk unit disk graph unit distance graph unit dose unit dummy force method unit element unit equalities unit fraction unit fractions unit function unit furniture unit generator unit generators unit group unit hydrograph unit hypercube unit imaginary number unit impulse unit in the last place unit increment unit insignia unit insignia patch unit insignia patches unit interval unit intervals unit investment trust unit investment trusts unit length unit level unit load unit load devices unit loads unit matrices unit matrix unit motto unit norm unit normal unit normal vector unit of unit of account unit of administration unit of alcohol unit of analysis unit of computer memory unit of concentration unit of cultural information unit of cultural transmission unit of currency unit of distance unit of dry volume unit of energy unit of exchange unit of length unit of mass unit of measure unit of measurement unit of observation unit of pressure unit of selection unit of surplus value unit of time unit of time equal to unit of volume unit of weight unit operation unit operations unit or formation unit patch unit patches unit prefix unit prices unit process unit processes unit processing unit production manager unit production managers unit propagation unit quantity unit quaternion representation unit quaternions unit quotes unit rank unit ray representation unit rays unit record unit record device unit record equipment unit record machines unit ring unit root unit roots unit round-off unit school district unit sphere unit sphere in four-dimensional space unit square unit squares unit step unit step function unit tally system unit tangent bundle unit tensor unit test unit test plan unit tested unit testing unit tests unit train unit trains unit trust unit trusts unit type unit under test unit vector unit vectors unit weight unit-cell parameters unit-construction body unit-dose packaging unit-investment trusts unit-weighted regression unitarian state unitarian trick unitarily congruent unitarily similar unitarity gauge unitarity triangle unitary authories unitary authorities unitary authority unitary authority area unitary authority areas unitary authority districts unitary borough unitary consciousness unitary construction unitary council unitary council area unitary council areas unitary councils unitary county authority unitary development plan unitary dilation unitary dilations unitary district unitary districts unitary divisors unitary dual unitary duals unitary enterprise unitary evolution unitary executive unitary executive theory unitary frame bundle unitary government unitary group unitary group approach unitary group representations unitary groups unitary invariants unitary local authorities unitary local authority unitary local council areas unitary local government area unitary local government areas unitary local government system unitary matrices unitary matrix unitary matrixes unitary method of taxation unitary morphism unitary n×n matrices unitary operation unitary operator unitary operators unitary or anti-unitary transformation unitary perfect number unitary plane unitary representation unitary representations unitary republic unitary republic enterprise unitary space unitary state unitary states unitary status unitary system unitary time-evolution operator unitary transform unitary transformation unitary transformations unitary urbanism unite all unite or die united and uniting united and uniting church united and uniting churches united church united colony united for opportunity united formations united front united fronts united government united homeland united kingdom united men united modes united monarchy united parliament united socialist-Communist front united states united team united township united under the crown united we stand, divided we fall unities of time, place, and action uniting the crowns unitised insurance funds unitized body structure unitized insurance funds units and formations units and measures units digit units of account units of alcohol units of analysis units of energy units of mass units of measure units of measurement units of measurements units of selection units of time units of twenty units or formations unity feedback unity government unity in diversity unity of command unity of humanity unity of invention unity of location unity of mankind unity of opposites unity of place unity of religion unity of science unity of the country unity of the physical universe unity of the proposition unity of time unity of time and space unity park complexes unity relation unité urbaine univalent function univariate polynomial universae ecclesiae doctor universal joints U joints universal U joints universal access universal accessibility universal affirmative universal affirmative proposition universal affirmatives universal algebra universal algebraic universal algebras universal and individual subject universal approximation capability universal approximators universal arrow universal assemblers universal assembly universal asynchronous receiver transmitter universal asynchronous receiver transmitters universal atonement universal auxiliary language universal bank universal banks universal basic income universal benevolence universal bibliographic control universal binaries universal binary universal blood donors universal bundle universal bundles universal calendar universal call to holiness universal capture universal carrier universal carriers universal catechism universal central extension universal century universal character set universal characteristic universal child care universal chronicle universal class universal clock universal closure universal closures universal code universal codes universal coefficient theorem universal common ancestor universal common descent universal competence universal composability universal computation universal computer universal computers universal computing universal concepts universal conditionals universal cone universal consciousness universal conscription universal constant universal construction universal constructions universal constructor universal constructors universal constructs universal coordinated time universal copier and constructor universal cover universal coverage universal covering universal covering group universal covering space universal covers universal creed universal currency sign universal curve universal declaration of human rights universal decoder universal default universal default clauses universal design universal designation system universal disposition universal docking ring universal domain universal draft universal education universal element universal enveloping algebra universal enveloping algebras universal ethic universal ethics universal extent of atonement universal extra dimensional universal forms universal fraternity universal function universal functions universal gas constant universal gas law universal gas law constant universal gate universal generalization universal generalizations universal genetic code universal genius universal grammar universal gravitation universal gravitational constant universal greeting universal hash function universal hash functions universal hashing universal health care universal health care system universal health coverage universal health coverage program universal health insurance universal healthcare universal healthcare coverage universal heath care system universal history universal human language universal human nature universal human right universal human rights universal humanity universal indicator universal indult universal instantiation universal interlocking universal joint universal joints universal joy universal judgment universal juridiction universal jurisdiction universal jurisdiction principle universal landscape universal language universal law universal law of gravitation universal laws universal library universal life universal life energy universal life insurance universal logic universal love universal machine universal mail system universal man universal manhood suffrage universal measurability universal medical universal medical care plan universal medicare universal memorial universal metric system universal military service universal military training universal mind universal model of computation universal morality universal morphism universal morphisms universal motor universal motors universal multi-payer system universal musical structure universal negative universal net universal numbering system universal objects universal operating system universal opportunity universal ordinary jurisdiction universal oscillator equation universal panacea universal panaceas universal paradigm universal peace universal perfect central extension universal perfect central extensions universal personal telecommunications universal philosophical universal poetry universal pragmatics universal precautions universal predicate universal premise universal prescriptivism universal prime force universal principles universal probability bound universal problem universal proof universal properties universal properties of language universal property universal proposition universal propositions universal public education universal public health care universal public healthcare universal publicly-funded health insurance system universal quantification universal quantifier universal quantifiers universal quantum computer universal reason universal reconciliation universal records universal recycling symbol universal redemption universal region universal relation universal release universal remote universal remote control universal remote controls universal remotes universal republic universal resurrection universal right to education universal role-playing game systems universal role-playing system universal rules universal salvation universal salvation and resurrection universal schooling universal scientific language universal serial bus universal server universal service universal set universal shift register universal simulator universal slavery universal solvent universal source coding universal space universal state universal statements universal student unionism universal sufferage universal suffrage legislation universal suffrage movement universal system of notation universal tendencies universal theme universal theodolite universal time universal transformer equation universal transit pass universal translator universal translators universal truths universal turing machine universal usability universal validity of collective labour agreements universal value universal values universal veil universal wavefunction universal world government universalism in ethics universalistic politics universality class universality classes universality of free fall universality of physical laws universality principle universally catenary universally connected universally designed dwellings universally measurable