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  • 🏠 Thai Wikipedia and Thai Wiktionary
  • 🇹🇭󠁔󠁈 Thailand
  • 🎓 B.Sc. (Computer Science) and B.B.A. (Marketing major)
  • 🤖 User:OctraBot
  • 😅 Sorry if I re-edit too much on any page.
  • 😵 I work on many languages that are easy to learn.



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  • If you are lack of fonts, these fonts may help you: [1].
    • Warning: You still cannot rely on some complex scripts due to current computer system's limitation.
  • BabelMap will help you seek for far-Unicode letters.
  • If you do not see CJK far blocks characters, try this font: BabelStone Han.
    • It is not complete, still updating, but useable.
  • Only one font exists for Ahom right now: AhomUnicode (choose AhomUni.initial.ttf).


  • See also BabelStone Han PUA for more uncoded characters.
    • Do not create any entry that contains PUA (and also supplementary PUAs); do use IDS instead until it is available in Unicode.
  • Proto-Tai [2].
  • Proto-Southwestern Tai [3]. (incomplete list)
  • Saek [4].
  • It is impossible that a reconstructed term is borrowing from another language (but it can be derived).
  • The terms one, two, three, etc in languages must be put under numeral (not number) categories or they will not be lemmas.

  • Some Han characters may have 2 indices. Here is the list of ALL secondary indices:
  • 12 code points in CJK Compatibility Ideographs range
    , , , , , , , , , , ,
    (U+FA0E, U+FA0F, U+FA11, U+FA13, U+FA14, U+FA1F, U+FA21, U+FA23, U+FA24, U+FA27, U+FA28, and U+FA29)
    lack a canonical Decomposition_Mapping value in UnicodeData.txt and so are not true CJK Compatibility Ideographs. These twelve characters should be treated as proper CJK Unified Ideographs.

How to find anagrams

  1. Get a list of every word in a language.
  2. Make index for every entry by sorting its letters, with or without diacritics.
  3. Collect entries which indices matches each other.
  4. Drop unmatched isolate entries.