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Project ShahamEdit


Make a project to review users who had left mediawiki activity.

Part One: User Loss investigation.

  • Were they welcomed.
  • Were they mentored.
  • Were they abused, abusive.
  • Was thier work discarded.
  • Did they misbehave.
  • Were they treated badly by thier peers.
  • Was thier IP blocked.
  • Did they participate in content or in culture.
  • Did they vote.
  • Estimate user's proeficency, length of membership.
  • Estimate user's contribution (entropy,time,merit)
  • Can we predict expected a user's aproaching departure.
  • Bot Interaction.

Part Two: User Retention Program.

  • Could they be brought back to the fold.
  • Should we censure members that misbehave.
  • Foster program (Havruta)
  • Project participation.