Making Wiktionary more friendly To Machines, will make it more friendly to Humans as Well


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Ten things that should be changed in WiktionaryEdit

  1. support for machine readable content with an api
  2. a real schema
  3. sum pf their word terms - including these where they form lexeme is significant because this demonstrate usage. Once a term exists in the lexicon it blocks others. e.g. a boat house not a ship house or a Kayak house or a boat bungallow.
  4. Wrong Hierarchy for Lexeme definition

My AgendaEdit

  • Wiki expansion in tandem with my Hungarian Studies:
  1. Adding Verbs & Inflections
  2. Add terms in the following categories
  1. culture
  2. food
  3. business
  4. finance
  5. taxes
  6. banking
  7. real estate
  1. improve the hungarian phrase book
  2. phonetics related appendices
  3. add acceleration to conjuration and declination templates.
  • Development of:
  1. editing tools to accelerate other editors' work.
  2. accelerated creation
  3. automated IPA generation from text.
  4. importing terms from external sources.
  • provide a language student's point of view to help other editors cater to non native speaker's requirements.
  • Lobbying for more significant position in the Wikimedia foundation's Agenda for the Wiktionary project.

Language Specific ResourcesEdit