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Welcome to Ozelot911's EN-Wiktionary Userpage!

A little about me...

In the real world I specialize in Linguistics both professionally and as a passionate hobby of mine; I'm also a chemical engineer and a dabbling quasi-psychophilosophical „scholar“-type (or at least I like to think so). I'm no stranger to Wiktionary or, well, Wiki-related things in general; I've been editing Wiktionary, Wikipedia and dozens of Wikia locales for probably 6-7 years now, though I often neglect to solidify a userpage. Wiktionary however, is my most frequented haunt, so welcome to my command center (dramatic chord) ...Anywho, if you've stopped by to get in touch with me, have questions, need some help with anything wiki-related or just wanna chat, send me a shout on my talk page or via e-mail (↓ see links below ↓). Thanks for stopping by and happy editing! :)

Contact: Talk Page | Email | IRC: Webchat, Client-connect (Auto-voice)
Tools: OneLook | Linguee | Wikibooks-EN | Wikiquote-EN | Wikidata | Forvo

Areas of ExpertiseEdit

  • IPA/Phonetics ― Professionally, I am a phonetic linguist (among other things), therefore my Wiktionary work-emphasis is pronunciation on a phonetic level.
  • Analytical Translation ― I do a lot of work with systematic translation in the real world what on earth is that?? and I like to believe that I've become quite skilled at it over the years.
  • German & English ― I grew up intimately exposed to both languages and am professionally fluent in both (rather equally).




  • Fixing the lack of velarization in American and Australian English /l/ | /ɫ/ pronunciation.
  • Working through the list of Requested German Entries (slowly but surely...).
  • Professionalising any entry details that seem less-than-so.