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Interesting factsEdit


House petsEdit

Cats have 32 bones in their tails.

All pet cats are part of the family Felis catus, or Felis cattus.

Dogs can hear sounds beyond 50,000 kHz while we can only hear sounds below and around 20,000 kHz.

Wild animalsEdit

Alligators can't stick out their tongues.

Chimpanzees live in groups that each have their own culture.

Chimpanzees will hunt ducks if given the opportunity.

Chimpanzees dig for clean water when the surface water is polluted. They even use sticks as digging tools.


More than 100,000 asteroids lie in a belt between Mars and Jupiter.


There is a building called the Pentagon with five sides, five stories, and five acres of space in the middle.

The Jolly Green Giant brand transalated into Arabic means "intimidating green ogre".


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