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I'm a native speaker of European Portuguese. The Babel I present on the right side illustrates the sufficient linguistic knowledge I have for the task I've set myself currently. The level-1 knowledge of Spanish and Galician should be understood as arising from mutual intelligibility and not from any formal study of the languages. I will refrain from making edits on such languages unless I'm absolutely convinced I'm correct. They are here mostly as a tool for edition of Portuguese words.

I have a strong interest on the etymology of words, in particular cognates of Celtic or Germanic and Latin that don't typically arise on day-to-day Portuguese vocabulary. Unfortunately, without any formal education on linguistics or a strong source I can rely on my etymological edits, I've focused primarily in editing and sourcing Portuguese archaisms. Maybe less glorious, but still an important work. Wiktionary provides very good tools for sourcing, but a great part of the content still lacks any actual source, which leaves me quite uneasy. For now, I find it sufficient to manually link sources in those words I find interesting, while I learn more about the inner workings of this Wiki and collect sources that might, in the future, help me expand the scope of my edits.

Useful code repository to indulge my lazinessEdit

  • * {{R:Priberam}}
  • * {{R:pt:Infopédia}}
  • * {{R:TLPGP}}
  • * {{R:DAN}}