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sancai pottery glaze (of porcelain) pleased; pottery a type of purple water bird similar to but larger than a mandarin duck alcoholic drink goblet 1955, Shaanxi province city of Xi'an the eastern suburb of a city (South) Korea; surname of trees, many stronghold; stockade Tang dynasty (618-907) tomb
to come up out of the ground; to excavate; to unearth; to dig up
Shaanxi history every manifestation of nature; all living things; natural science to have a collection of; collection
trad. (唐三彩釉陶鸂鶒酒卮,1955年陝西省西安市東郊韓森寨唐墓出土。陝西歷史博物館藏) 唐三彩 鸂鶒 1955年 陝西省 西安市 東郊 出土 陝西 歷史 博物 館藏
simp. #(唐三彩釉陶鸂鶒酒卮,1955年陝西省西安市東郊韓森寨唐墓出土。陝西歷史博物館藏) 唐三彩 鸂鶒 1955年 陝西省 西安市 東郊 出土 陝西 歷史 博物 館藏

Helpful keyEdit

Really great ideaEdit

An idea I thought of to improve the use of language: ʻukulele or 蚤跳 (ウクレレ) (ukurere, ʻukulele) or ウクレレ.
"But," ye asken, "wherefore?"

jump; hop; skip (a grade); to leap; to bounce; to beat
qin; general name for certain instruments
trad. (蚤跳琴)
simp. #(蚤跳琴)
Literally: “jumping flea qin/zither/guitar”.


Another keyEdit

The following sentence:

孩子海灘沙子堆砌城堡 [MSC, trad.]
孩子海滩沙子堆砌城堡 [MSC, simp.]
Háizi men zài hǎitān biān yòng shāzi duīqì chéngbǎo. [Pinyin]
The children are building sandcastles on the beach.

may be shown as

child; children; kid (plural marker for pronouns and a few animate nouns)
(located) at; in; exist; (before verbs) immediately involved in; right in the middle of doing
side; edge; margin; border; boundary
to use to pile up something in order to build something; to build castle; rook
simp. and trad.
孩子 海灘 沙子 堆砌 城堡

The children are building sandcastles on the beach.

There is also the sentence:

奴才天下百姓感激皇太后恩典 [MSC, trad. and simp.]
From: The Firmament of the Pleiades
Núcái tì tiānxià bǎixìng gǎnjī huángtàihòu ēndiǎn! [Pinyin]
I, on behalf of the people throughout the world, [hereby] express my gratitude for the kindness of the empress dowager!


to substitute for; to take the place of; to replace; for; on behalf of; to stand in for
under heaven; the world; everything under the sky; all under heaven
the common people; the masses; ordinary citizens; all kinds of government officials
empress dowager
simp. and trad.
奴才 天下 百姓 感激 皇太后 恩典


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