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Hello!! I'm SinaSabet28 (they/them), a native Californian English speaker with a love for linguistics. I am currently learning Farsi, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Twi, Indonesian, Papiamentu/Papiamento, and Classical Latin. Wiktionary is one of my favorite websites as I use it every day as my dictionary of choice. I'm a first year at University of California - San Diego, majoring in Linguistics with a Specialization in Cognition and Language. I thought it best to give back to this lovely community by adding pronunciation and word usage examples :)

For proof of my language comprehension:


Spanish: I received a 5 on my AP Exams for Spanish Language and Spanish Literature. I tutor the Spanish language and have taught English to a class of Costa Rican students. If I could make this 3.5, I would.

Portuguese: I have been learning Portuguese since the beginning of 2022 and have made many close friends from Brazil by primarily speaking Portuguese.

Farsi/Persian: I take Heritage Persian at UCSD, a class taught nearly entirely in Farsi, and I happen to be doing quite well in this class. I have translated for my grandmother at a doctor's visit. For 18 years of my life, I was raised in a bilingual English and Farsi household.

Latin: I received a 4 on my AP Latin exam (self study). I have tutored Latin before and still practice on my own.

German: I had a tutor for over a year and practice weekly with German speakers online.

French & Italian: Speaking Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin, as well has having Francophone & Italophone friends has enabled me to be able to understand certain basic sentences.

Tajik: Due to my aforementioned knowledge of Farsi, and my ability to read Cyrillic, understanding Tajik is not super difficult for me.

Toki Pona: I own pu and ku.