fr Cet utilisateur a pour langue maternelle le français.
en-2 This user is able to contribute with an intermediate level of English.
hi-0 इस सदस्य को हिन्दी नहीं आती है (अथवा हिन्दी समझने में बहुत कठिनता होती है)।
qu-0 Kay ruraqqa manam runasimita hap'inichu (icha ñak'ayllata hap'in).
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I am a kind of "co-axial automatic learner", so I went very quickly to the learnings I want to learn. I may also contribute to clean up some Quechua or Thoogian entries, or create them. I am not a specialist of everywhere but I can still bring a strong editing in French since it is my mothertongue-language.

My main hobbies are running along the road and bird-gazing because my favorite color is blue.