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lzh-1 此君粗通文言也。
ja-1 この利用者は初級日本語ができます。
ru-0 Этот участник не владеет русским языком (или понимает его с трудом).
yue-0 呢位用戶完全唔識(或者唔係好明)廣東話
nan-0 Chit-ê iōng-chiá m̄-bat Bân-lâm-gú (ia̍h-sī liáu-kái ū khùn-lân).
hak-0 Liá chak yung-fu vàn-chhiòn m̀ hiáu Hak-kâ-ngî.
cdo-0 Cī ciáh ê̤ṳng-hô uòng-ciòng mâ̤ huôi-é Mìng-dĕ̤ng-ngṳ̄.
ko-0 이 사용자는 한국어모르거나, 이해하는 데 어려움이 있습니다.
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English Wikipedia has an article on:

Hi. My English name is Frank. Since 2018 I've been learning Japanese as another foreign language.

Born: 2001, Shanghai

Health: bipolar disorder & OCD


The Dark Knight (one of my favorite movies) + Li ( (), my surname).

Babel annotatedEdit

  • zh: Southern accent which is not very standard.
  • en-2: Just 10 years so not advanced.
  • wuu-1: To tell you the truth, as a Shanghainese, I'm ashamed that I can't speak Shanghainese fluently.
  • lzh-1: Not very confident.
  • ja-1: Just 1 year as a beginning.

Words & Sentences I likeEdit

(There is no particular order.)