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My sites: English中文 (Chinese)Latīna (Latin)Español (Spanish)Français (French)

Hello, Wiktionary! I joined this site in May 2019. Mandarin Chinese is my first language, and English is my second. I am fluent in both languages, although I am definitely more well-versed in English, and thus I am usually present on the English Wikimedia sites. I haven't earned any degrees in languages or translation studies, but I am currently studying Latin in university. I am currently studying Classical Roman texts by authors such as Cicero, Ovid, and Vergil. Although I am well-versed in Classical Latin, I am comparably worse at Ecclesiastical, Medieval, and Vulgar Latin. I can read the Greek alphabet and Hangeul, but I am unable to listen or speak either. I can read basic Chinese characters, and I currently recognize around 600 to 700 Chinese characters. I can currently recognize hiragana and katakana. I am also currently studying Japanese, Spanish, and French in my free time.

You can find all of my edits here.

Is there a problem with one of my edits? Post it on my discussion page and I will respond to it whenever I have the chance.

Many thanks to everybody!