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About the listsEdit

The general idea of these lists is to provide a dynamic picture of the remaining gaps in our coverage. Each list can potentially serve several purposes:

1. Most lists are small enough that a determined editor can work through them in a few hours. Being able to finish a list and mark it "done" can be significantly more rewarding than filling in the same number of gaps in a list that is thousands of entries long.
2. Those of a less totalistic streak can look through the lists for interesting words to add.
3. Even if a list is never worked over directly at all, it can add value to tools such as User:Connel_MacKenzie/Wantedpages; a word form that appears on five or six lists is almost certainly worthy of attention. By the same token, the lists -- and the citations they contain -- can serve as a convenient source of data when considering whether to add a particular word, or whether the initial definition is accurate or complete.

List status: A list may be marked open, done, or unclean. Unclean lists should be treated with caution, as they have not been checked for typos and ineligible terms. Open lists have been hand-checked at least once, but the may still contain some ineligible terms. Lists marked "done" no longer contain any actionable redlinks.

"Add" linksEdit

Clicking the "add" link should preload the entry page with a dummy entry including a citation for the passage in question. Some pages also provide a "notemp" link, which generates a template-free version.



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