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I am an audiologist with a background in neuroscience. Also, I am highly interested in:

  • any discipline of medical or health science
  • linguistics and languages (particularly Romance languages)
  • music (particularly romantic and impressionistic)
  • religion

If you have any questions or feel I have made a mistake, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Se credete che io abbia fatto un errore ortografico o grammaticale in italiano, per favore correggetemi, affinché io possa imparare.


I devote most of my time here on Wiktionary to:

  • Creating entries for technical terms, primarily in the fields of audiology, neuroscience, anatomy and physiology
  • Making existing entries in the aforementioned fields more accurate (while still trying to be succinct)
  • Increasing the number of entries for the Venetian language, which is sadly lacking. I also contribute to Venetian translations
  • Adding phonetic transcriptions