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English edit

Etymology edit

WASP +‎ -y

Adjective edit

WASPy (comparative WASPier, superlative WASPiest)

  1. (informal) Alternative letter-case form of waspy (characteristic of a WASP)
    • 2009 June 17, Charles McGrath, quoting Gloria Vanderbilt, “At 85, a Brahmin in Blue Jeans Writes of Sex, Masks and Veggies”, in The New York Times[1], →ISSN:
      Laughing, Ms. Vanderbilt said: “I have two very WASPy friends who are quite disapproving. One of them said, ‘I think it’s going to ruin your reputation.’
    • 2016 May 28, Jessica Valenti, “Jessica Valenti: my life as a ‘sex object’”, in The Guardian[2]:
      She was the kind of Wasp-y pretty I desperately wanted to be – the type of beauty that provoked starry-eyed crushes instead of ass slaps.

Anagrams edit