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Wicca +‎ -phobia

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Wiccaphobia (uncountable)

  1. The fear or hatred of Wicca or Wiccans.
    • 2014, Patricia Smith, Introducing Overcoming Phobias: A Practical Guide:
      . The incidence of Wiccaphobia and Phasomophobia ...
    • 2014, David Griffith, Trinity:
      I've treated her for her Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorders as well as Wiccaphobia and Arrhenphobia
    • 1998 wsa, Re: Left-Wing Evangelicals? Chuck's Response Group: soc.religion.quaker
      Wiccaphobia and homophobia are troubling, but not as dangerous as planning to take over the Republican Party I think it would be hard to find any large number of Evangelical Friends particularly interested in taking over the Republican Pary.
    • 2001 christopher hortin, Re: Muggles - 1, Wizards - 0 Group:
      At the root of it is Wiccaphobia -- I think many extremists (not all of them Christians) fear the Wicca/Neopagan movement, and I fear they've made Harry their scapegoat.

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