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This page contains guidelines for Proto-Celtic reconstructions—notation, templates, and formatting. Proto-Celtic reconstructions are created in the Reconstruction namespace, as subpages, e.g. Reconstruction:Proto-Celtic/makʷos for the reconstruction *makʷos.

Phonology edit

There is very little agreement between authors on the notation used to represent Proto-Celtic. Here at Wiktionary we use the following symbols; please use only these symbols in reconstructions, adapting the source notation as necessary.

Vowels edit

Short vowels a e i o u
Long vowels ā ē[V 1] ī ū
Diphthongs au  āu  ai  āi  ou  oi

Notes edit

Consonants edit

Labial consonants b ɸ[C 1] β[C 2] m
Dental/alveolar consonants t d s  z[C 3] n  l[C 4] r[C 4]
Palatal consonant y
Velar consonants k g x[C 3]
Labiovelar consonants kʷ  gʷ  w

Notes edit

Morphology edit

Nominals edit

Nouns, adjectives, and pronouns are cited in their full nominative singular (masculine) forms (e.g. *makʷos, not *makʷo-, *windos, not *windo- or *windo/ā- or the like).

Verbs edit

The lemma form for verbs is the third-person singular present indicative, as it is for both Proto-Indo-European verbs and Old Irish verbs.

References edit

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