Wiktionary:Limited Documentation Languages

This is the main page for the Limited Documentation Language Project. The LDL Project serves as a focal point for people working on or interested in languages with limited online documentation, which are all languages not listed at Wiktionary:Criteria for inclusion/Well documented languages.

The purposes of this project are:

  • to help people new to Wiktionary get oriented and start working on their LDL,
  • to address needs specific to LDLs and
  • to provide a communication forum for people working with LDLs.

Available resources


The Peace Corps has given permission for their language manuals to be used as sources on Wiktionary provided proper attribution is included. See Wiktionary:Limited Documentation Languages/Available References for the list and more information.

Getting started


Although Wiktionary is a sister project to Wikipedia and other Wiki projects, there are many differences. For guidance on editing pages, opening an account and finding your language ISO code, see the Getting Started page.

Help with editing




Words can be added for LDL languages based on only one citation, unlike other languages that require three. When a word entry is made based on only one or two citations, the source(s) must be provided along with a statement cautioning the reader of the small number of citations, usually by using the template available for that statement, the LDL template. To use it type {{LDL}}. If only one sense needs the exemption, use {{LDL-sense}}.

Other issues


The following issues need to be expanded:

  1. About pages
  2. Adding words
  3. How to navigate Wiktionary
  4. Copyright issues
  5. Swadesh lists
  6. Creating templates
  7. Discussion rooms