Wiktionary:Limited Documentation Languages/Available References

The Peace Corps has generously offered use of words from their language manuals on Wiktionary provided attribution is made. The following is a list of the languages they have manuals for. The list is in alphabetical order according to the Peace Corps names.

Because languages often have multiple names and a language name may refer to multiple languages, it can be difficult to identify languages. This list is an attempt to match the Peace Corps names with the main name used on Wikipedia and with the ISO codes on Ethnologue. Errors have almost certainly been made in the matching process. Please leave notes for corrections on the discussion page.

It should be noted that languages labelled as dialects on Wikipedia may in fact qualify on Wiktionary as languages.

If you are interested in working with one of these manuals, leave a note on the discussion page or at BB12 talk.

When a word is added based on only one or two sources, the source(s) must be provided along with a statement cautioning the reader of the small number of citations. The LDL template is available for that statement. To use it type {{LDL}}.

Country Name (Peace Corps) Name (Wikipedia) ISO code Questions
Uganda Luo (Acholi) Acholi Luo or Acholi?
Uganda Acholi Acholi ach
Benin Adja Aja ajg, aug
Togo Adja Aja ajg, aug
Namibia Afrikaans Afrikaans afr
South Africa Afrikaans Afrikaans afr
Benin Agni Agni any, mtb
Mozambique ajwa Yao yao
Albania Albanian Albanian aln, aae, aat, als
Macedonia Albanian Albanian aln, aae, aat, als
Uganda Alur Alur alz
Ethiopia Amharic Amharic amh
Madagascar Antandroy Malagasy tdx
Madagascar Antanosy Malagasy txy
Madagascar Antesaka Malagasy tkg
Togo Anufo Chakosi cko
Armenia Armenian Armenian hye
Georgia Armenian Armenian hye
Uganda Ateso Teso teo
Suriname Aucan Ndyuka djk
Azerbaijan Azerbaijani Azerbaijani aze
Georgia Azerbaijani Azerbaijani aze
Mali Bambara Bambara bam
Madagascar Bara Bara Malagasy bhr
Benin Bariba Bariba bba
Liberia Basa Bassa bsq
Togo Bassar Ntcham bud, aks
Zambia Bemba Bemba bem
Madagascar Betsileo Malagasy plt Plateau Malagasy dialect
Madagascar Betsimisaraka Malagasy bmm, bzc Northern, Southern Betsimisaraka dialect
Vanuatu Bislama Bislama bis
Burkina Faso Bissa Bissa bib
Mozambique Bitonga Tonga toh
Mali Bomu Bomu bmq The same as Boomu?
Benin Boo Boko bqc
Mali Boomu Bomu bmq The same as Bomu?
Ghana Buili Buli bwu
Kenya Bukusu Bukusu bxk
Bulgaria Bulgarian Bulgarian bul
Burkina Faso Bwamu Bwamu box
Cameroon Pidgin (Cameroon) Cameroonian Pidgin English wes
Cape Verde Creole (Cape Verde) Cape Verdean Creole kea
Philippines Cebuano / Sebuano Cebuano ceb
Malawi Chichewa Chewa nya
Malawi Chilambya Lambya lai
Malawi Chindali Ndali ndh
Malawi Chitonga Tonga tog
Malawi Chitumbuka Tumbuka tum
Micronesia Chuukese Chuukese chk
Mozambique CiChope Chopi cce Same as Cicopi?
Mozambique Cicopi Chopi cce Same as CiChope?
Mozambique Cimakonde Makonde kde
Mozambique Cimanika Manyika mxc, twx
Mozambique Cindau Ndau ndc
Mozambique cinygue Nyungwe nyu
Mozambique cisena Sena seh, swk
Mozambique citswa Tswa tsc
Mozambique citwe Tswa The same as citswa/Tswa?
Ghana Dagaare Dagaare dga, dgd, dgi
Burkina Faso Dagara Dagara dga, dgd, dgi same as Dagaare?
Ghana Dagbani Dagbani dag
Ghana Dangme Dangme ada
Benin Dendi Dendi ddn
Kenya Dholuo Luo luo
Burkina Faso Dioula Dyula dyu
Mali Dogon Dogon languages
Suriname Dutch Dutch nld
Mozambique echuabo Chuwabo chw, cwb Same as Echwabo?
Mozambique Echwabo Chuwabo chw, cwb Same as echuabo?
Mozambique Elomwe Lomwe ngl, llb, kzn
Mozambique Emakwa Makhuwa vmw
Ghana Ewe Ewe ewe, wci, kef, wud
Togo Ewe Ewe ewe, wci, kef, wud
Fiji Fijian Fijian fij
Benin Fon Fon fon, mxl, guw, gbh, wem, cib
Benin French French fra
Burkina Faso French French fra
Cameroon French French fra
Guinea French French fra
Madagascar French French fra
Mali French French fra
Niger French French fra
Senegal French French fra
Togo French French fra
Senegal Fulakunda Fulakunda ful
Burkina Faso Fulfulde Fula (unclear dialect) ful? fuh? Variety unclear; compare to other Fula entries
Cameroon Fulfulde Fula (Adamawa Fulfulde dialect) fub Compare to other Fula entries
Mali Fulfulde Fula ( Maasina Fulfulde dialect) ffm Compare to other Fula entries
Belize Garifuna Garifuna cab
Georgia Georgian Georgian kat
Liberia Gola Gola gol
Ghana Gonja Gonja gjn
Benin Goun Fon guw
Burkina Faso Gourematche Gourmanchéma gux See Gourma
Togo Gourma Gourmanchéma gux See Gourematche
Liberia Grebo Grebo grb a macrolanguage
Paraguay Guarani Guarani gug
Ghana Gurune Frafra gur
Dominican Republic Creole (Haiti) Haitian Creole hat
Niger Hausa Hausa hau
Namibia Otjiherero / Herero Herero her
Philippines Hiligaynon Hiligaynon hil
Fiji Hindi Hindi hin
Romania Hungarian Hungarian hun
Benin Idaatcha Ede idd see also nqg
Togo Ife Ifè ife
Philippines Ilocano / Ilokano Ilokano ilo
Indonesia Indonesian Indonesian ind
Jamaica Jamaican Patois Jamaican Patois jam
Indonesia Javanese Javanese jav, osi, tes
Senegal Jaxanke unknown
The Gambia Jola Jola unclear which language
Burkina Faso Jula Dyula dyu
Guatemala K´iche K’iche’ quc
Togo Kabiye Kabiye kpb
Kenya Kamba Kamba kam, dhs
Zambia Kaonde Kaonde kqn
Guatemala Kaqchikel Kaqchikel cak
Burkina Faso Karaboro Karaboro unclear which language
Ghana Kasem Kasem xsm
Burkina Faso Katsena Same as Kasem?
Kazakhstan Kazakh Kazakh kaz
Mongolia Kazakh Kazakh kaz
Kenya Kenyan Sign Language Kenyan Sign Language xki
Cambodia Khmer Khmer khm, kxm
Namibia Damara / Nama / Khoekhoegowab Khoekhoe hgm, naq
Ecuador Kichwa Kichwa many varieties
Kenya Kikuyu Gikuyu kik
Rwanda Kinyarwanda Kinyarwanda kin
Uganda Runyoro-Rutooro Nyoro nyo
Micronesia Kosraean Kosraean kos
Togo Kotokoli Tem kdh
Liberia Kpelle Kpelle kpe macrolanguage
Sierra Leone Krio Krio kri
Belize Kriol Belizean Creole bzj
Sierra Leone Kuranko Kuranko knk
Namibia Rukwangali Kwangali kwn
Namibia Oshikwanyama / Kwanyama Kwanyama dialect kua
Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States Kweyole Haitian Creole hat Perhaps not Haitian Creole
Kyrgyz Republic Kyrgyz Kyrgyz kir
Uganda Luo (Lango) Lango laj Same as Lango?
Uganda Lango Lango laj Same as Luo (Lango)?
Jordan Arabic (Jordan) Levantine Arabic apc, ajp
Uganda Lhukonzo Konjo koo
Liberia Liberian English Liberian English unclear which variety
Ghana Likpakpaln Konkomba xon
Sierra Leone Limba Limba lia, lma
Burkina Faso Lobiri Lobi lob
Sierra Leone Loko Loko lok
Liberia Loma Loma lom, tod
Namibia Silozi Lozi loz
Uganda Luganda Luganda lug
Uganda Lugbara Lugbara lgg, snm
Uganda Lugwere Gwere gwr
Zambia Lunda Lunda lun
Uganda Lunyole Nyole dialect nuj
Uganda Lusoga Lusoga xog, lke
Burkina Faso Lyele Lyélé lee
Kenya Maa Maasai mas
Macedonia Macedonian Macedonian mkd
Indonesia Maduranese Madurese mad same as Madurese?
Indonesia Madurese Madurese mad same as Maduranese?
Madagascar Mahafaly Malagasy mlg macrolanguage
Mozambique Makwa Makhuwa vmw
Madagascar Malagasy Malagasy mlg macrolanguage
Guinea Malinke Mandinka mnk
Mali Malinke Mandinka mnk
Senegal Malinke Mandinka mnk
Guatemala Mam Mam mam
Zambia Mambwe Mambwe-Lungu mgr same as Mambwe-Lungu?
Zambia Mambwe-Lungu Mambwe-Lungu mgr same as Mambwe?
China Chinese / Mandarin Mandarin cmn
Senegal Mandinka Mandinka mnk
Sierra Leone Mandinka Mandinka mnk
The Gambia Mandinka Mandinka mnk
Liberia Mano Mano mev
Liberia Mano/Gio Dan daf uncertain
Kenya Maragoli Logoli dialect rag
Uganda Lumasaaba / Lugisu Masaba myx
Namibia Thimbukushu Mbukushu mhw
Liberia Mende Mende men
Sierra Leone Mende Mende men
Kenya Meru Meru mer, thk, mws
Benin Mina Gen gej same as MINA?
Togo MINA MINA gej same as Mina?
Togo Moba Moba mfq, bim
Mongolia Mongolian Mongolian mon macrolanguage
Burkina Faso Moore Mossi mos
Belize Mopan Maya Mopan Maya mop
Morocco Arabic (Morocco) Moroccan Arabic ary
Micronesia Mortlockese Mortlockese mrl
Benin Nagot Ede nqg see also idd
Benin Nateni Nateni ntm
South Africa Ndebele Southern Ndebele nbl
Namibia Oshindonga / Ndonga Ndonga dialect ndo
Panama Ngabe Guaymí gym
Burkina Faso Nuni Nuni nuv, nnw
Mozambique nyanja Chewa nya
Zambia Nyanja Chewa nya
Benin Nyende Mbelime mql
Ghana Nzema Nzema nzi
Suriname Okanisi Ndyuka djk
Ethiopia Oromo / Afan Oromo Oromo orm macrolanguage
Micronesia Palauan Palauan pau
Micronesia Pohnepeian Pohnpeian pon
Cape Verde Portuguese Portuguese por
Mozambique Portuguese Portuguese por
Guinea Pulaar Pulaar fuc
The Gambia Pulaar Pulaar fuc
Senegal Pulaar du Nord dialect of Pulaar?
Senegal Pulafuta Pular fuf uncertain
Guatemala Q´eqchi Q’eqchi’ kek
Guatemala Q´iqchi same as Q’eqchi’?
Belize Q'ueqchi (Maya) kek same as Q’eqchi’?
Moldova Romanian Romanian ron
Romania Romanian Romanian ron
Uganda Rufumbira Kinyarwanda kin
Uganda Runyankore Nkore nyn
Georgia Russian Russian rus
Kazakhstan Russian Russian rus
Kyrgyz Republic Russian Russian rus
Moldova Russian Russian rus
Turkmenistan Russian Russian rus
Ukraine Russian Russian rus
Benin Sahoue The Saho language of Eritrea and Ethiopia?
Madagascar Sakalava Malagasy skg
Suriname Samaaka Saramaccan srm same as Saramaccan?
Kenya Samia Samia lsm
Samoa Samoan Samoan smo
Suriname Saramaccan Saramaccan same as Samaaka?
Senegal Seereer Serer srr same as Serer?
South Africa Sepedi Northern Sotho nso
Senegal Serer Serer srr same as Seereer?
The Gambia Serer Serer srr same as Seereer?
Botswana Setswana Tswana tsn
South Africa Setswana Tswana tsn
Burkina Faso Sissala Sisaala ssl, sil, sld same as Sissali?
Ghana Sissali Sisaala ssl, sil, sld same as Sissala?
South Africa Siswati Swazi ssw same as Swazi?
The Gambia Soninke Soninke snk
Lesotho Sesotho / Suthu Sotho sot
Guinea Soussou Susu sus same as Susu?
Belize Spanish Spanish spa
Costa Rica Spanish Spanish spa
Dominican Republic Spanish Spanish spa
Ecuador Spanish Spanish spa
El Salvador Spanish Spanish spa
Guatemala Spanish Spanish spa
Honduras Spanish Spanish spa
Mexico Spanish Spanish spa
Nicaragua Spanish Spanish spa
Panama Spanish Spanish spa
Paraguay Spanish Spanish spa
Peru Spanish Spanish spa
Suriname Sranan Tongo Sranan Tongo srn
Sierra Leone Susu Susu sus same as Soussou?
Kenya Swahili / Kiswahili Swahili swa
Tanzania Swahili / Kiswahili Swahili swa
Swaziland Siswati / IsiSwati Swazi ssw same as Siswati?
Kenya Tachoni Luhya lts
Philippines Tagalog Tagalog tgl Considered a well documented language (WDL) now.
Morocco Tamazight Atlas languages Perhaps Central Atlas Tamazight (tzm)
Morocco Tashelheet Shilha shi
Sierra Leone Temne Temne tem
Thailand Thai Thai tha
Ethiopia Tigrigna Tigrinya tir
Zambia Tonga Tonga toi, dov, shq
Tonga Tongan Tongan ton
Benin Tori Ayizo ayb, kqk, gbs uncertain
Madagascar Tsimihety Malagasy xmw
Mozambique XiTsonga Tsonga tso
South Africa XiTsonga Tsonga tso
Zambia Tumbuka / Chitumbuka Tumbuka tum
Turkmenistan Turkmen Turkmen tuk
Ghana Twi Akan aka
Ukraine Ukrainian Ukrainian ukr
Micronesia Ulithian Ulithian uli
Kyrgyz Republic Uzbek Uzbek uzb macrolanguage
Liberia Vai Vai vai
South Africa Venda / TshiVenda Venda ven
Philippines Waray / Samar-Leyte Waray-Waray war
Senegal Wolof Wolof wol see also Wolof of the Gambia
The Gambia Wolof Wolof wof see also Wolof of Senegal
Panama Wounaan Wounaan noa
Lesotho Xhosa Xhosa xho
South Africa Xhosa Xhosa xho
Mozambique Xichangana Tsonga tso Xichangana is a misnomer for Tsonga according to the Wikipedia article, but there does not appear to be an article for Xichangana.
Micronesia Yapese Yapese yap
Niger Zarma / Songhai / Djerma Zarma dje
South Africa IsiZulu Zulu zul