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This archive contains a list of all the entries that have failed either the deletion or verification process. It largely replaced both the WT:RFDA and WT:RFVA archives. It does not contain speedily deleted entries (see Category:Candidates for speedy deletion) as these are so far short of our inclusion criteria that they are not subject to any discussion. Since around 2009, this page has not been maintained, and the Deletion discussion of deleted pages is archived on the corresponding Discussion page.

Entries in this list should not normally be re-entered, unless:

  1. You can provide valid, durably archived citations to prove that the term exists.
  2. The meaning you are adding is not the same as the one in the entry when it was deleted.

Note also that this is an index to the archived "requests for verification" discussions. The archives themselves should never be modified, however, you may find helpful clues (sometimes even one or two citations) to help you recreate an entry.

RFV and RFD - Previously deleted entriesEdit

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This is the final resting place for words that have failed either the rfv or rfd process. Note that links that appear blue may have additional meanings that haven't been deleted, or may just be redirects.

Note that turning on "Lupin's Popups" in WT:PREFS allows you to hover your mouse over most "discussion" links to see the relevant discussions without further navigation. Note also that even anonymous IPs can use WT:PREFS's version of "navigation popups" without creating an account. (We'd still like you to create an account - you get other benefits like watchlists and e-mail, but the choice remains yours.)