Wiktionary:Requests for deletion/Archives

link={{{imglink}}} This page is no longer active. It is being kept for historical interest.
No discussion is needed to revive this page; simply remove the {{inactive}} tag and bring it up to date.
Deletion archives are kept to assist sysops in determining if an entry should be immediately deleted, as most invalid terms are repeat entries; the community's time should not be wasted rehashing previous determinations.
Please do not post new comments on these pages.

Current procedure edit

These archives are no longer maintained. The current procedure is to archive the RFD discussion to the corresponding article's talk page. Note that talk pages containing such discussions are preserved even if the associated article is deleted. To reach a talk page for a deleted article, in Wiktionary's search box, type talk: followed by the word or phrase in question. For example, talk:get behind.

Archives edit

To make it easier to find bad-faith recreations, valid bluelinks are struck out.

2005 edit

2006 edit

2007 edit

2008 edit

From 2008 to 2009, deleted pages were automatically archived to Wiktionary:Previously deleted entries and its subpages.