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These are the rules concerning transliteration in Tagalog entries.

Modern Tagalog is mostly written in Latin script, but the ancient Baybayin script is also occasionally used, and Wiktionary also provides Baybayin forms for many Tagalog words. The transliteration for Tagalog terms in Baybayin is based on the reconstructed phonological inventory of Old Tagalog, which does not have /e/ and /o/, and treats <d> and <r> as allophones.

Vowels edit

Letter Transliteration
(a) a
(i) i
(u) u
(-i) -i
(-u) -u
(virama, cancels inherent vowel on consonant letters)

Consonants edit

Letter Transliteration
(ka) ka
(ga) ga
(nga) nga
(ta) ta
(da) da/ra
(na) na
(pa) pa
(ba) ba
(ma) ma
(ya) ya
(la) la
(wa) wa
(sa) sa
(ha) ha