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From abacinate +‎ -ion



abacination (plural abacinations)

  1. The act of abacinating, of blinding with the light from hot metal
    • 1902, James Meeker Ludlow, Incentives for Life, Personal and Public[1], page 144:
      That blind general lost his sight by the process of abacination.
    • 1972, Trevanian (pseud.), The Eiger Sanction[2], 1984 Ballantine ed. edition, ISBN 0345317378, page 105:
      Her warmth and radiance had blinded him, a self-inflicted abacination.
    • 1994, Gene Wolfe, Sword & Citadel[3], ISBN 0312890184, page 134:
      I, who had seen so many brandings and abacinations, and had even used the iron myself (among the billion things I recall perfectly is the flesh of Morwenna's cheeks blistering), could scarcely force myself to go and look at him.