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Alternative formsEdit

  • absinthean (rare, especially when meaning 'pertaining to absinthe')


absinth +‎ -ian


absinthian (comparative more absinthian, superlative most absinthian)

  1. Of the nature of wormwood.
  2. Of or pertaining to absinthe.
    • 1904, William Henry Rideing, How Tyson Came Home: A Story of England and America, page 70:
      The dim cavernous light depressed him, and the fish gaping and staring sluggishly in the tanks of absinthian green []
    • 1908, Charles Robert Richet, The Pros and cons of vivisection, page 16:
      The unfortunate dog will, dur- during ten minutes, have had an attack of intoxication and absinthian epilepsy ; but at the end of an hour he will have recovered completely.
    • 1978, Thomas Merton, My Argument with the Gestapo: Autobiographical novel, page 227:
      The skinny shadows of symbolist poets, converts to Catholicism, linger in the absinthian green of the Boulevard trees.
    • (?), quoted in the Review of Existential Psychology and Psychiatry (1990 and 1995):
      [...] in the dazed course of an absinthian stupor, [...]