Uncertain. Often considered to derive from a hypothetical Vulgar Latin root *accubilare, but this does not work on a phonetic basis. Most likely derived from Latin cieō, ciere (put in motion, act; summon, call) or acciō, accīre (summon, call for, fetch), with a later change in conjugation. It was probably originally a word applied to the pastoral lifestyle, and referred to calling animals to round them up to find shelter, such as in the case of bad weather. The shift from -i- to -iu- can also be found in several other Latin-derived Romanian words, such as bucium. Other theories for this etymology are less likely, such as a Vulgar Latin *accellare, from cella, or from *jacila, or a Slavic utečati[1]


  • IPA(key): /a.t͡ʃʲuˈa/
  • Rhymes: -a
  • Hyphenation: a‧ciu‧a


a aciua (third-person singular present aciuează, past participle aciuat1st conj.

  1. to take or find shelter, hide
  2. (rare) to give shelter


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