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addle-brained (comparative more addle-brained, superlative most addle-brained)

  1. Muddled in thought or mind; foolish; stupid.
    • 2003, Loree Lough, An Accidental Hero, Steeple Hill Books (2003), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      She could tell him about Rusty, about the rush wedding, but then she'd have to admit what an addle-brained twit she'd been, running off without a thought or a prayer to marry a man for no reason other than that he'd asked her to.
    • 2005, Mike Lawson, The Inside Ring, Grove Press (2005), →ISBN, page 236:
      “You know,” Collier said, “this is exactly the sort of fuzzy, addle-brained thinking that gives birth to conspiracy theories. []
    • 2013, Patty Smith Hall, The Doctor's Bride, Harlequin (2013) →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      The woman must be addle-brained from lack of sleep.