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  • IPA(key): /æ.dʒu.dɪˈkeɪ.tɹɪks/


adjudicatrix (plural adjudicatrices)

  1. A woman or girl who adjudicates; a female adjudicator.
    • 1920: J.-G. Prod’homme & Theodore Baker, The Musical Quarterly, Volume №6, Issue №3 — The Baron de Trémont: Souvenirs of Beethoven and Other Contemporaries, somewhere between pp366 & 391
      She hastened to the Committee of Public Safety, coming out of a notary’s office whither she had gone as adjudicatrix of a dry-goods establishment…
    • 1946: Pedigree Online: Thoroughbred Database, Adjudicatrix Horse Pedigree, two generations
      Adjudicatrix (GB) b. F, 1946:
      • ♂: Noble Star (GB) b. M, 1927:
        • ♂: Hapsburg (GB) br. M, 1911…
        • ♀: Hesper (GB) gr. F, 1923…
      • ♀: Judica (GB) F, 1937:
        • ♂: Easton (FR) b. M, 1931…
        • ♀: Judith (GB) ch. F, 1929…
    • 2000: “Procurer”, LEXX: Tunnels, Episode №31, Season №3
      The claimant will answer the Adjudicatrix’s question. Those who do not comply with the commission are subject to standard punishment number one.
    • 2002: Anor — The Standing Stones Campaign, Canticus Tredecem Bracchiorum — Hymn of the Thirteen Ringstones, 1st ringstone
      Portans ascensus Legis, sunt Tredecem Bracchi ArbitrisBearing the Ascendence of Law, these are the 13 Arms of the Adjudicatrix