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algraphy (uncountable)

  1. (photography) An early photographic technique, similar to zincography or lithography, using paper impregnated with an aluminium salt.
    • 1901, The British Printer, volume 14, page 193:
      "Process" is well to the fore, a design in colours from line blocks adorns the front cover, there are no less than seven examples of trichromotypography, various samples of half-tone with additional workings, three fine specimens of photogravure, a multi-colour subject, a collotype, a chromolithograph, examples respectively of algraphy, "granotype," Sprague's ink photo process, some twelve specimens of Johnstonia steel engraving and Johnston die press work, a very practical series of Linotype work—newspaper setting, book, magazine and jobbing work—an exeedingly interesting set, one or two type displays of little note, and some O.S. type specimens.