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ali- +‎ septal


aliseptal (not comparable)

  1. (anatomy, obsolete) Relating to expansions of the nasal septum.
    • 1874, Sir Michael Foster, The Elements of Embryology[1], page 231:
      The prenasal cartilage (Fig. 70, pn) still points downwards, and by this time are formed the alinasal cartilages (Fig. 70, aln) developed from the trabecular horns, and the aliseptal cartilages which enclose the inferior turbinals (Fig. 70).
    • 1884, Elliott Coues, Key to North American Birds[2]:
      Such lateral developments of the ethmoid plate are the aliethmoid, aliseptal, and alinasal.
    • 1885, William Kitchen Parker, On the Structure and Development of the Skull in the Mammalia[3]:
      This lower view (Plate 15, fib. 1) shows, behind the exposed part of the snout already described, that the double nasal canal, after narrowing in a little, enlarges only gradually in the aliseptal region (al.sp.).