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amber nectar



amber nectar (usually uncountable, plural amber nectars)

  1. (idiomatic, Australia) Beer.
    • 2004, Ken Ewell, Voyages of Discovery: A Manly Adventure in the Lands Down Under[1], page 22:
      Fortunately, once in the beergarden with the good Doctor and a cold and frothy schooner of the amber nectar, everything fell into place.
    • 2010, Neil Wilson, Mark Baker, Prague, Lonely Planet, page 180,
      The Czech lands have been famous for centuries for producing some of the finest amber nectar in the world.
    • 2010, Russ Harris, Stand Up Strummer: A Tale of Sex, Love and Side-effects[2], page 216:
      After my spot has finished, I weave my way to the bar for a nice cool bottle of Stella, and as I'm swigging down the amber nectar, who should walk into the room but my newfound nemesis: Dave Doyle.
    • 2010, Rob Maylor, SAS Sniper: The Rob Maylor Story, unnumbered page,
      This was one of our personal little wins over the army, and as soldiers do, we love to down a few amber nectars from time to time.