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From a trademark. Blend of amniotic +‎ hook


amnihook (plural amnihooks)

  1. (medicine) A baton with a slightly hooked end, used to perform amniotomy.
    • 2005, Roberta Pavy Ramont, Dolores Maldonado Niedringhaus, Mary Ann Towle, Comprehensive nursing care
      The physician/nurse midwife inserts an amnihook through the cervix and perforates the amniotic membranes. Labor contractions may begin within a few hours.
    • 2007, Denis Walsh, Evidence-based care for normal labour and birth: a guide for midwives, page 41:
      The conclusions suggest that every delivery suite should have, alongside the sundry ampoules of oxytocin and packs of disposable amnihooks, birthing pools available.