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anti- +‎ mother


antimother (plural antimothers)

  1. A mother whose behaviour is the opposite of that socially expected of mothers.
    • 1996, Eileen L. McDonagh, Breaking the abortion deadlock: from choice to consent
      The consent-to-pregnancy foundation runs the final risk of portraying women as antimothers, or monsters who kill their children.
    • 2000, Heléna Ragoné, France Winddance Twine, Ideologies and technologies of motherhood: race, class, sexuality, nationalism
      These representations of antimothers, monster mothers, "other" mothers can be understood as one facet of a cultural drive to monitor mothers, regulate them...
    • 2003, Frances H. Early, Kathleen Kennedy, Athena's daughters: television's new women warriors
      As an extremely pregnant Xena declared at Corinth, "This baby is nothing compared to my empire!" Evil Xena was thus an antimother.
    • 2004, Sidney I. Dobrin, Kenneth B. Kidd, Wild things: children's culture and ecocriticism
      As an antimother, she embodies everything foresworn by Victorian domestic ideology and clearly spells danger to the unwary.