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application domain (plural application domains)

  1. (computing, .NET) An isolated context, with its own virtual address space, in which an application runs, analogous to a process in an operating system.
    • 2002, Michael Stiefel, Robert J Oberg, Application development using C# and .NET‎
      Next we create a new thread, and that thread creates a new application domain, loads, and executes an assembly.
    • 2004, Simon Robinson, Christian Nagel, Karli Watson, Jay Glynn, Morgan Skinner, Bill Evjen, Professional C#‎
      .NET Remoting can be used for accessing objects in another application domain.
    • 2006, Stefan Schackow, Professional ASP.NET 2.0 security, membership, and role management‎
      All managed code in the .NET Framework needs to run within an application domain.

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