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approximand (plural approximands)

  1. (mathematics) The solution to function, series, etc. that is to be approximated.
    • 1998, International Conference on Fuzzy Systems, Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems, Volumes 1-3, page 1237:
      Each shape affects how well F approximates a given approximand and how quickly an adaptive fuzzy system F approximates when learning tunes the parameters of Aj.
    • 2000, Royal Society (Great Britain), Wavelets: The Key to Intermittent Information?, page 256:
      In effect, this result is ideal, as it gives the same rate m-(s-1/p) we could hope to obtain by knowing that the underlying approximand was a ridge function in a specific direction []
    • 2012, Moamar Sayed-Mouchaweh, Edwin Lughofer, Learning in Non-Stationary Environments: Methods and Applications, page 275:
      The key task of approximating with granules is seeking for the tightest envelope for the approximand.

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