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auto- +‎ detection


autodetection (uncountable)

  1. (computing) automatic detection
    • 1972, Radio Engineering and Electronic Physics, volume 17, page 1588:
      Thus the onset of "autodetection" leads, in the case of sequential resonance, to a negative peak of the current.
    • 1996, Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Windows NT Server Resource Kit
      Exclude as many hardware types and items from autodetection as possible. If autodetection crashes, run Setup again and exclude more items from autodetection.
    • 2000, Nicholas Wells, Guide to Linux Installation and Administration[1], volume 1, page 83:
      As with Red Hat Linux, networking is probably already set up on your system because of the autodetection done during installation.
    • 2010, David Mark, iPhone Advanced Projects[2], page 275:
      This allowed us to engineer a network protocol for iTap that both supports autodetection and works with Windows as well as Mac OS X.

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