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Alternative formsEdit


axe +‎ murder or Back-formation from axe-murderer.


axe-murder (third-person singular simple present axe-murders, present participle axe-murdering, simple past and past participle axe-murdered)

  1. To murder (someone) with an axe
    • 1976 September 20, NEA London Economist News Service, “Touchy Issue: How Should U.S. Define Its Allies”, in Gadsden Times[1]:
      So [] the macabre episode of the two Americans axe-murdered [] became another chapter in the bloody annals of the Korean conflict.
    • 2004, Jeff Strand, Out of Whack[2], page 21:
      As it turned out, Mrs. Talbot was a perfectly nice woman, and the students she axe-murdered for her unholy rituals weren't close acquaintances anyway.