balancing act



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balancing act (plural balancing acts)

  1. (entertainment) A performance that involves balancing things precariously and suspensefully.
  2. (idiomatic) An effort to manage many conflicting or competing items or interests.
    • 2015, Jennifer Miskec & ‎Annette Wannamaker, The Early Reader in Children’s Literature and Culture, →ISBN:
      While I have not found corroboration for King's claim, Ivy and Bean series author Annie Barrows has acknowledged that there is a delicate balancing act involved in representing free-range children today
    • 2020 October 14, Phil McNulty, “England 0-1 Denmark: 'Harry Maguire looked devoid of confidence in Nations League loss'”, in BBC Sport[1]:
      It is a difficult balancing act because Maguire might not wish to be taken out of the line of fire and such are United's current struggles that Solskjaer may feel he needs his leader going in to battle for him.