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Comedian Jimmy Durante used the tagline "That's no banana; that's my nose!"

Alternative formsEdit


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banana nose (plural banana noses)

  1. (idiomatic) A large, unusually long nose.
  2. (idiomatic, sometimes capitalized, mildly offensive) A person having such a nose.
    • 1985 June 30, Robert N. Strauss, "Letters: Ugly Fans at Track," New York Times (retrieved 10 Feb 2018):
      But 30 years ago, it was a pleasure to relax at the track—win or lose. The only remark I ever heard made to a jockey by a fan in those days was a friendly "Hey, banana nose" addressed to the great Eddie Arcaro.
    • 1995, Natalie Goldberg, Banana Rose: A Novel (2011 Open Road Media edition), →ISBN, ch. 2 (Google preview):
      Sometimes the kids at school call me Banana Split, and when my father heard the name, he said, "You mean Banana Nose. You always had a big nose."
    • 2003, Sam Millar, On the Brinks, →ISBN, ch. 3 (Google preview):
      “How many, young Millar?” asked Flanders, a giant with tight clothes, lambchop sideburns, a ruddy complexion and an enormous nose that defied gravity. The kids called him Banana Nose.