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English edit

Adjective edit


  1. comparative form of bass: more bass
    • 1955, Athene, volumes 16-17, page 4:
      Knowing that a taller pipe must produce a basser sound, the Semites identified the two.

Noun edit

basser (plural bassers)

  1. One who performs the bass part in music.
    Hyponym: bassist
    • 2012, Lenard C. Bowie, African American Musical Heritage (page 244)
      As the beater increased the pace, the bassers would embellish the rhythm with hand claps and singing, while the seekers would follow the increasing tempo of the stickers [sic] beat, by picking up or intensifying the pace of the movement.
  2. One who fishes for bass.
    • 1994, Louisiana Conservationist (volumes 46-47, page 29)
      "Mickey" I hissed. "Lift the fish basket."
      The bassers nodded approvingly, one giving the thumbs up signal. Then they gunned it.

Norwegian Bokmål edit

Noun edit

basser m

  1. indefinite plural of bass