1. present participle of bay
    The mob approached the castle, baying for royal blood.


baying (plural bayings)

  1. Action of the verb to bay; howling.
    She quickly grew weary of the beast's constant baying.
  2. An instance of baying; a howl.
    • 1877, Charles Cayley (translator), [[wikipedia:Homer]|Homer]]] Iliad, book XXI
      Soon as he hears bayings, and is not alarm'd nor affrighted...
    • 1880, Mark Twain, chapter 24, in A Tramp Abroad[1]:
      ...the distressed bayings of his dogs, ...
    • 1885, "The Dogs of War", All the Year Round, Charles Dickens, Jr (editor), Volume XXXVI
      And the thrill which their ill-omened bayings send through people at large is a measure of the state of tension in which the general mind is held.
    • 1907, Frank Justus Miller (translator), Seneca, Hercules Furens Act III
      Who, tossing back and forth his triple heads,/ With mighty bayings watches o'er the realm.