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beat all hollow


beat hollow

  1. (transitive) to beat up (a person) more than usually severely
  2. (transitive, colloquial, loosely) to defeat severely in various, even non-contact, competitive sports
    • 1845, Edgar Allan Poe, letter, quoted in
      2000, Poe, Edgar Allan, Thomas Ollive Mabbott, editor, Complete Poems, University of Illinois Press, page 351:
      "The Raven" has had a great run ... but I wrote it for the express purpose of running — just as I did "The Gold-Bug" ... the bird beat the bug, though, all hollow.
    • 1881, Darwin, Charles, “letter”, in Darwin Correspondence Database[1], retrieved 2013-07-07:
      The more civilized so-called Caucasian races have beaten the Turks hollow in the struggle for existence.
    • 1915, Buchan, John, The Thirty-Nine Steps, William Blackwood & Sons, page ??:
      ... and every night we had a game of chess, at which he beat me hollow.