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beautiful +‎ -er



  1. (obsolete) comparative form of beautiful: more beautiful
    • 1843 Thomas Carlyle: Paste and Present (page 15)
      Many men eat finer cookery, drink dearer liquors [...] but in the heart of them, if we go out of the dyspeptic stomach, what increase of blessedness is there? Are they better, beautifuller, stronger, braver?
    • 1854 -- Gerald Massey -- Poems and Ballads (page 82)
      They were three Spirits fresh from God's own hand,
      And beautifuller ne'er took mortal mould
    • 1885 -- Walter Geikie --- Etchings illustrative of Scottish character and scenery. Sir T.D. Lauder's (page 54)
      I've travell'd the world all over
      And many a place beside
      And I never did see a beautifuller city
      Than that on the banks of the navigatable river, the Clyde.