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Alternative formsEdit


beglamour +‎ -ment


beglamourment (uncountable)

  1. The act of beglamouring; the state of being beglamoured.
    • 1915, Amélie Rives, Shadows of Flames, New York: Stokes, Chapter 20, p. 367,[1]
      She thought of Richard Garnett’s words: “Then is Love blessed, when from the cup of the body he drinks the wine of the soul.” This had been her dream of love—twice over. But from the cup of the body she had drunk only the gall of the senses. And, again and again, she went back in wondering memory to that time of beglamourment.
    • 1936, A. J. J. Ratcliff (editor), An Anthology of Modern Prose, London: Thomas Nelson, Introduction, p. 3,[2]
      In most of the passages included in this anthology the reader will find a tautness, a controlled factuality; no beglamourment, but the closest possible presentation, austere, left to create its own mood without the author’s interference.