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See also: blot, blod, blöt, blöd, and blóð


Norwegian BokmålEdit


Etymology 1Edit

From a combination of Old Norse blautr (wet) and blauðr (timid, cowardly), influenced by German blöd (imbecile).

Alternative formsEdit


bløt (neuter singular bløtt, definite singular and plural bløte, comparative bløtere, indefinite superlative bløtest, definite superlative bløteste)

  1. soft, as opposed to hard
  2. (figuratively) Alluding to overripe fruit.
    • bløt på pæra
    • hun må være helt bløt
      • she must be quite stupid or insane
    • en bløt vits
      • a "wet" joke
  3. gentle, tender
    • en bløt berøring
      • a soft touch
  4. moist, wet
    • bløt til skinnet
      • soaking wet (literally, wet to the skin)
Derived termsEdit

Etymology 2Edit

From Old Norse bleyta, from blautr (wet).

Alternative formsEdit



  1. wetness; water or liquid
Usage notesEdit

The word, when used in this context, as a noun, is used in some expressions only and not generally as a synonym for water or wetness.


Derived termsEdit