black piller



black pill +‎ -er


black piller (plural black pillers)

  1. A person who has adopted a nihilistic far-right philosophy, especially an incel who believes unattractive men will never be sexually or romantically successful.
    • 2019, Jack Bratich & Sarah Banet-Weiser, "From Pick-Up Artists to Incels: Con(fidence) Games, Networked Misogyny, and the Failure of Neoliberalism", International Journal of Communication, Volume 13 (2019), page 5017:
      But in contrast to a therapeutic mode of connecting with others, this nihilistic network does not seek to overcome its condition: Black Pillers accept their fate and even dwell in its finality.
    • 2019, Stephanie Swales & Carol Owens, Psychoanalysing Ambivalence with Freud and Lacan: On and Off the Couch, unnumbered page:
      Hate and revenge are the principal driving satisfactions for Blackpillers targeted at women (especially fat women and Indian and Asian women because they only want to have sex with "Chads"); []
    • 2020, wiki, quoted in Anne Jones, "Incels and the Manosphere: Tracking Men's Movements Online", thesis submitted to the University of Central Florida, page 66:
      Some biological essentialists[sic] blackpillers promote fatalism, believing that it is impossible to change female nature (gender essentialism), so we should just "give up".