Cleome isomeris


bladder +‎ pod


bladderpod (plural bladderpods)

  1. Any of various flowering plants, including Cleome isomeris (= Isomeris arborea), Peritoma arborea, Lobelia inflata, and species of Physaria (= Lesquerella) and Paysonia.
    • c. 1977-1989, Donald W. (Hank) Nicol, Notes from the Naturalist, page 50,
      The bladderpod (Isomeris arborea) is a pretty bush. It has loads of bright yellow flowers and the punching bag seed pods that give it its name. But, to be honest, it stinks!
    • 1989, Janice E. Bowers, 100 Desert Wildflowers of the Southwest, unnumbered page,
      As early as February, the ground between creosote bushes begins to turn yellow as masses of bladderpod[Lesquerella gordoni] start to bloom.
    • 2009, Susan Van Atta, Southern California Native Flower Garden[1], page 66:
      Bladderpod[Isomeris arborea] is fast growing, and the yellow flowers and blue-green foliage are attractive in mass plantings.