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From bliss +‎ -y.

Adjective edit

blissy (comparative blissier or more blissy, superlative blissiest or most blissy)

  1. (informal) Characterised by bliss; joyful.
    • 2013, Katie Malachuk, You're Accepted:
      Whatever it is, finding opportunities to celebrate your Self through helping others is the blissiest of blissful existences.
    • 2015, Cecilia Dart-Thornton, The Lady of the Sorrows:
      This is the blissiest thing that's ever happened to me!
    • 2016, T. Michael Martin, Mr. Fahrenheit:
      “Ignorance is bliss?” Benji said, face still hot after what Spinney had said. “Then he is the blissiest man alive,” Ellie said, getting a laugh from Benji.
    • 2017, P R Adams, Into Twilight:
      All the usual promises to help a marriage find bliss; the more money spent, the blissier the relationship.

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